Power Washer


GCWW provides management and disposal services in the sectors of underground infrastructure maintenance such as non-hazardous liquid waste and solids, arenas of cleaning such as power washing, management, treatment, and disposal of waste, traffic control services and green products through practicing and creating superior Best Management Practices (BMPs)  in waste management, disposal, and consulting. We are passionately dedicated to our client’s needs, safety and job quality. Green Clean endorses products that are primarily organic in composition and environmentally safe. We take pride in our work ethic. Team work, honesty and integrity are at the core DNA of our company’s culture.

We are looking for successful, self-driven candidates that possess our same work ethic and who believe in our company’s DNA culture and core values. High school diploma or equivalent, a willingness and a strong commitment to protecting our environment is essential. Associates or technical degree in water treatment recommended. All of our employees are required to continue their training and education in the field of Storm water waste management on the job, and must acquire the required certifications in order to remain in our employment.

If you would like to pursue a career in Water & Waste Management with Green Clean, please submit your application below. We look forward to quality applicants who share our core values and who are passionately committed to a cleaner, greener environment.